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As a leader in travel, vacation rentals and holiday homes properties marketplace, WEBSITE DESIGN PROS sets high ethical standards for business conduct. We also apply these standards to ourselves and our Business Partners. The WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partner Code of Conduct (the “Code”) helps ensure that WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partners share our commitment to an ethical marketplace.

For the purposes of this Code:

 “Website Design Pros” refers to any WD Pros, WEBSITE DESIGN PROS, and any other WD Pros -affiliated entity.

“Business Partners” refers to suppliers that contract to provide WEBSITE DESIGN PROS with any product or service and other organizations that contract with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS to accomplish its mission, and includes the employees, agents and contractors of Business Partners.  

“Business Partners” does not include WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Accredited Businesses or WEBSITE DESIGN PROS National Partners unless they form a contractual relationship with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS beyond their accreditation by WEBSITE DESIGN PROS or membership in WEBSITE DESIGN PROS as apply.

WEBSITE DESIGN PROS expects that Business Partners will conduct their business with or on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS in compliance with the Code. As appropriate, preference will be given to Business Partners that demonstrate greater commitment to this Code and ethical standards generally.

1. Start with Trust

Although Business Partners are independent individuals or business entities, their actions may impact and reflect upon VR Experts. Business Partners should understand and comply with the Business Partner Code and monitor their compliance through their own administrative processes.

2. Maintain Legal and Regulatory Compliance

In their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partners will conduct their business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which they operate, including laws and regulations on bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices in the countries in which they conduct business.

Business Partners will not make any offer, payment, consideration or benefit of any kind which constitutes an illegal or corrupt practice, either directly or indirectly on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS as an inducement or reward for entering into a contract or in connection with the provision of any goods or services under a contract.

3. Advertise Honestly

3.1  Business Partners that advertise or solicit accreditation, sponsorship or any other financial support on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS should ensure that all VR Experts-related advertising or solicitations comply in all respects with V R EXPERTS policies related to accreditation, the WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Code of Advertising, and all laws, regulations and guides relating to advertising, solicitations, sponsorships and disclosure of non-deductibility of contributions.

3.2 Business Partners may use WEBSITE DESIGN PROS trademarks logos etc only

(1) to create products, materials or websites for direct use by WEBSITE DESIGN PROS or

(2) as specifically permitted by WEBSITE DESIGN PROS policies.

Unless WEBSITE DESIGN PROS has granted permission, Business Partners should not use the WEBSITE DESIGN PROS name or other WEBSITE DESIGN PROS marks on Business Partners’ materials, including websites and URLs. Business Partners should not use the WEBSITE DESIGN PROS name or other WEBSITE DESIGN PROS marks in a manner that represents or infers Business Partners to be WEBSITE DESIGN PROS or WD Pros’S Business Partners’  OR employees to be employees of VR Experts.

3.3 WEBSITE DESIGN PROS does not endorse specific products or services unless specifically provided by WEBSITE DESIGN PROS policies. Business Partners should not publicize their business relationships with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS or identify WEBSITE DESIGN PROS as a customer without specific permission from WEBSITE DESIGN PROS in writing, and then only in the manner, context and language approved by VR Experts . This provision does not prohibit WEBSITE DESIGN PROS from participating in affinity programs consistent with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS policies.

4. Safeguard Data and Privacy

4.1  Business Partners should ensure the security and confidentiality of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS proprietary information; business, charity, consumer and donor information entrusted to VR Experts; and data about visitors to WEBSITE DESIGN PROS domains (collectively, “Confidential Information”). Business Partners should have policies and procedures in place to prevent disclosure of Confidential Information to unauthorized parties.

In their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partners should maintain physical, technical and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable laws, technology and information security requirements applicable to WD Pros, and any specifications established by WEBSITE DESIGN PROS for access to WEBSITE DESIGN PROS information technology systems and WEBSITE DESIGN PROS domains.

4.2 Business Partners that, and in their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS interact with visitors to their own websites should disclose in a Privacy Statement/Policy or elsewhere on their websites the following: what information they collect, with whom it is shared, how it can be corrected, how it is secured, how policy changes will be communicated, and how to address concerns over misuse of personal data.

4.3 Business Partners that, in their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS collect identifying information of businesses or individuals should respect contact preferences regarding contact by telephone, fax and e-mail, and communicate changes in preferences to WD Pros.

4.4 Business Partners that, in their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS handle payment card information will certify annually their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

4.5 Business Partners that administer WEBSITE DESIGN PROS email systems will adopt Domain- based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) specifications.

4.6 Business Partners whose product or service collects information about or track visitors to any WEBSITE DESIGN PROS domain will certify that their product or service supports WD Pros ’s compliance with the Digital Alliance Self-Regulatory Principles, including the Self- Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA Principles), the Multisite Data Principles (MSD Principles) and the Mobile Guidance (MG) (collectively, the Principles).

Business Partners that subcontract or otherwise engage other companies to fulfill any obligations under WEBSITE DESIGN PROS contracts should ensure that such companies’ products or services are also compliant with the Principles.

The Principles can be accessed at  ().

 Further, Business Partners will not transfer any information collected from any WEBSITE DESIGN PROS domain for any purpose beyond the scope of activities necessary to fulfil their responsibilities under contracts with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS without providing to WD Pro’s Chief Information Officer an explanation of the proposed data transfer and use and receiving express permission for such transfer and use.

5. Embody Integrity

5.1 Business Partners should demonstrate commitment to ethical practices in their business conduct and performance of services and production of products on behalf of WD Pro. Business Partners will comply with WEBSITE DESIGN PROS policies affecting their relationship with WD Pro.

5.2 Business Partners should share WD Pro commitment to maintaining a work place where people are treated with dignity and respect. In their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partners will follow all applicable wage, benefit, child labor, workplace safety, discrimination and labor laws. While we recognize and respect cultural differences, in their work on behalf of WEBSITE DESIGN PROS Business Partners will not engage in discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, domestic partner status or veteran status.

5.3 WEBSITE DESIGN PROS depends on the trust and confidence of our other businesses relationships, our clients, consumers and general respect for others. It is important that we avoid activities that create actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

WEBSITE DESIGN PROS employees are not permitted to give or receive anything of value intended to influence a decision. Business Partners will not offer gifts that could be perceived to influence sound business judgment. WEBSITE DESIGN PROS makes purchasing decisions based on the merit of Business Partners’ products and services, not on gifts, entertainment or other business courtesies.

6. Report Violations of the Code

Business Partners should report a possible violation of the Code that directly affects WEBSITE DESIGN PROS or the transaction with P VR Experts. Business Partners are encouraged to work with their primary contact at WEBSITE DESIGN PROS (or his or her supervisor) to resolve the situation. If this is not possible or appropriate, reports may be made to an officer of the contracting WEBSITE DESIGN PROS entity or the WEBSITE DESIGN PROS General Counsel / Legal Representatives.

Last Updated –   December 21st, 2018

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